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Magician • Creative Producer • Magic Consultant

Mark Kalin wanted to be a puppeteer until one day, at age 9, when he looked on a shelf at the library and found a book on magic. “I enjoyed the puppets, but the idea of magic really intrigued me. I tried to do a few tricks and found out it was something that I could master”.

Mark Kalin has been one of the most influential magicians of the last three decades, bringing his amazing illusions to arenas, performing arts centers, television shows, and his own experimental theatre in Reno, Nevada, “Magic Underground.”

As a young man Mark’s specialty was sleight-of-hand magic, but he later enlarged his act, with Jinger Leigh, to include tigers, panthers, and sensational, split-second marvels including the largest stage illusion of all time, the vanishing of an American Airlines jumbo jet. Working together, as Kalin and Jinger, they produced and appeared in their award-winning shows, “Carnival of Wonders”, Illusionarium” and “Before Your Very Eyes”.

In addition to his onstage work, Mark has developed numerous illusions used in Broadway productions, live touring shows and Las Vegas revues.


Creative Director
The Illusionists Turn of The Century, Broadway 2016

Magic Designer & Creative Producer
The Illusionists, Broadway
The Illusionists Live From Broadway, US tour
The Illusionists Turn of The Century, Broadway 2016
The Illusionists World Tour
Now You See Me Live!, Lionsgate Films

Magic Producer
America’s Got Talent

Associate Producer
The Unbelievable’s, Sydney Opera House



Simply put, Mark Kalin and Jinger Leigh have redefined the traditional concepts of a “magic show”. Their unique productions have garnered accolades throughout the entertainment industry for their innovative and theatrical approach to magic and show production. Kalin & Jinger were voted magic’s highest honor, Magicians of the Year, by the prestigious Academy of Magical Arts—Hollywood’s Magic Castle. Other recipients include David Copperfield, Criss Angel, Doug Henning, David Blaine and Penn & Teller.

In 2012 the duo began a long time association with Simon Painter and The Works Entertainment, producer of the largest touring magic shows in the world today. Initially hired as performers, Kalin and Jinger soon expanded their roles to include all aspects of show production and illusion design.