Designed as a fundamentally covid-compliant event, Weird Reno is a holiday walking tour for local families, businesses and tourists who value having fun together.

Take a tour into the mysterious and colorful past of Reno’s most historic locations. It’s a magical stroll where you’ll relive the remarkable stories of Reno’s quirky past; the surprising  divorce trade, the mysterious disappearance of star-witness George Frisch and even  secret opium dens beneath a local pizza parlor—all tied together with humor, audience participation and interactive magic that happens in your own hands.

Your “tour guides” are magicians Mark Kalin and Jinger Leigh, the two dramatic, engaging performers who starred in Broadway’s “The Illusionists Turn of the Century” and creators of Reno’s own live theater of Illusion, “Magic Underground”. Together with the help of Courtney Meredith, award-winning graphic designer, creative director and local author of the book “History of Reno’s RIverwalk,” you can expect a whimsical journey through time.

The tour promotes an affordable, healthful outdoor activity, servicing a local population with an increasing desire to ‘get out’ safely.

It amazing. It’s hysterical. It’s something you’ll never forget, and never quite believe.